5th october 2023, London


A low carbon heating technology briefing

Following the success of the previous Building Services Forum, this prestigious one-day event returns in 2023 to provide a vital platform for building services professionals to learn and network, share ideas and solutions.

But this time the event will zone in on low carbon heating and offer an opportunity for visitors to Ask the Experts the all-important questions about the most familiar technologies, and where they fit in on the path to decarbonising heating.

As one of the biggest sources of carbon emissions, heating is firmly in the UK government’s crosshairs as it races to achieve a target of Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Industry experts know that this is a colossal task, and that we will have to embrace all products and technologies with carbon cutting credentials, if we are to have any hope of reaching this ambitious goal.

As a low carbon heating extravaganza, the Building Services Forum will seek to smooth this process by offering an equal platform to experts in the sector to showcase their innovations.

Now is the time to get involved.